Construction Entrance: Chatfield College, Fayetteville, OH

Construction Entrance: Chatfield College, Fayetteville, OH


US Fabrics was approached by a contractor regarding the construction of a 2,800 foot long temporary construction entrance through existing farmland. The entrance would eventually be paved and become a permanent entrance for the college. The original specification called for HP370, a costly high strength woven geotextile.


Due to the cost of the HP370 geotextile, the contractor called US Fabrics looking for a less-expensive option. US Fabrics’ representative Dan Bonn agreed that US 200 woven geotextile would work well given the site conditions, type of rock to be used and expected traffic conditions. US 200 meets the AASHTO M228-06 Class 3 specification for Separation and Stabilization and is US Fabrics’ most popular product for these types of applications. Since the material savings would be nearly $1.00 per foot, the contractor submitted US 200 for approval.





US 200 was accepted by the project engineer and installed. The contractor was very pleased with the installation process and two years later the entrance looks like the day it was installed, as the photo below demonstrates.


US Fabrics takes pride in making sure our contractors are using the right product for their project. As we have discussed in our “Guide to Better Geotextile Specifying” and on this blog, geotextile specifications are not always correct or optimal. We try to understand the application as well as the specification. If we believe there is a more cost-effective option, or the specified product is incorrect for the application, we will offer an alternative to the specified product. If the specification is in error, we will do our best to offer a product that meets the intent of the specification or the requirements of the application.

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Knowledgeable representatives
  • Proper spec interpretation
  • Correct product for the application
  • AASHTO grade products


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