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US Fabrics takes customer service seriously. Before offering you a quotation, we do our best to make sure we have a thorough understanding of the application and all the pertinent specifications and drawings. Then we carefully interpret the information so you can be assured we quote the correct product.

We Know Which Questions To Ask

But this isn’t always easy. Sometimes the information given on the drawings contradicts the specification. Other times, the specification is incomplete, obsolete or mix of properties that can’t be met by a product on the market. In these cases, we know which questions to ask and will work with you to clarify these issues. This may seem like a hassle compared to a construction supply house that will quickly, and often incorrectly, throw out a product and price. But you are not saving any time by submitting, or even worse installing, the wrong product.


We recently received a Request for Quote that asked for: “Geotextile Filter Fabric with the following qualifications: ASTM D4759, ASTM D4873, Minimum puncture strength of 200lbs.” This information was pulled off the project drawings by the contractor.

Incomplete Information

In addition to being incomplete, there are two problems with the information provided. First, it lists two test methods without listing the required values for these tests. Second, it lists a required value for Puncture Strength, but does not give the ASTM test method. Since there are two puncture test methods, we do not know if this value is for ASTM D4833 Pin Puncture or ASTM D 6241 CBR Puncture.

US Fabrics pointed out the ambiguity with the spec to the contractor. We asked if they could verify how the geotextile would be used and if they could find any additional information in the project specifications.

Correct Information Found

Two days later the contractor forwarded the full geotextile specification along with a drawing demonstrating its use. The specification gave a list of properties and called specifically for Mirafi HP 370 or equal. He also included information on a product offered by a construction supply house that was submitted and rejected by the project engineer. It was a very lightweight, nonwoven filter fabric. HP 370 is a high strength woven, erosion control and separation geotextile.

Product Quoted & Submitted

The same day we submitted a quote for our equivalent product, US 3600, along with a side by side data comparison to the HP 370. We are the only company that offers these comparisons with our quotes. We also make them available through our website.

Product Accepted!

The next day we received an email that the project engineer requested additional information which we provided immediately. 3 days later our US 3600 was approved and the Purchase Order was received. This is how it’s supposed to work. We are geotextile experts. It’s our job to make sure you get the correct product, not to just throw out a price and hope for an order. It’s no surprise that our customer loyalty is very high.

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